I Appreciated Presidential Speeches on The West Wing.

Hello, and welcome! This blog is, quite simply, my place to dump whatever I feel like talking about — maybe it’ll be a cool new recipe I made (likely from Pinterest), a fun makeup look I did, or products I like, or adventures I’ve taken, or whatever else comes to mind.

Firstly, a brief explanation, because I always wonder where blog titles come from. Not long ago, a new album came out by Open Mike Eagle (you can buy it on Bandcamp, and you really should, because it’s absolutely brilliant and also not very many dollars: click here if you like cool shit). In the first song, there’s a line about appreciating presidential speeches on The West Wing, which caused an insatiable desire to rewatch the show, beginning to end. I mean, who doesn’t love those speeches? Heathens and conservatives, that’s who. Anyway, I’ve been watching it continually for weeks, and there’s no end in sight, thankfully.

(I’m watching it right now, actually. UB40’s “Red Red Wine” is playing in this episode, and it’s the greatest.)

Anyway, “Island of Discontent” was a news (well, actually, I think it was the weather channel, but whatever) headline on a TV in the background of one of the episodes, and I thought, you know, I live on that island. I’m never content, even in the best of times. It’s not that I fail to appreciate what I have, or the good things happening in my life, but more so that I’m a big fan of deliberate personal growth and of becoming the best me I can be. It’s not an easy process, because who enjoys picking on themselves for their own shortcomings? But it’s necessary in order to grow. I never want to become stagnant. Ergo, I try my best to figure out what in my life needs attention, and attend to it posthaste. I hope that attitude will be reflected in this blog, and I hope it’s not boring and/or painful to read about!




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