When Pizza’s in a Ramekin, You Can Eat Pizza Anytime

Hello again.

I cooked things today. I mean, I cook things on lots of days, but today I decided to get adventurous and try something from Pinterest again, which I haven’t been doing a whole lot of lately. I got into a rut for a while in which I’d make the same three or four meals all the time, because they’re easy and my fiancé and I both like them, so why not? Except the “why not” is apparently a worsening of digestive issues I’ve had and managed well enough to not disrupt my life for basically forever, to the point that I thought I should probably do something about it now. Like, uh, not eating onions or garlic anymore, since those are two major triggers. Guess what has onions and/or garlic in it?

Literally every fucking thing.

So back to Pinterest I’ve gone, groveling and begging for forgiveness for ever straying. I’m sorry, Pinterest. You really are the bee’s knees.

I’ve had a lot of success so far. There’s a whole host of new research on which foods trigger IBS issues, and which I can probably safely eat. I’ve been limiting my FODMAPs for a few weeks, despite my unending love of garlic and onions, along with avocado and other things I’m not supposed to eat now. I’ve been feeling mostly better, but I’m not sure if a life without guacamole is life at all. PLEASE SOMEONE FEED ME GUACAMOLE.

Anyway, tonight I made these awesome pizza bowls from Shutterbean and they were fantastic. Since absolutely every pasta sauce I’ve found in any store has onions and/or garlic in it, I had to just make my own. That’s not part of her recipe, but it was super simple — I just simmered a can of diced tomatoes, a healthy pouring of olive oil, a very small bit of balsamic vinegar (shhh — my fiancé thinks he hates vinegar), oregano and basil, salt and pepper, and a diced up green pepper. Pretty sure I won’t be buying store-made pasta sauce even if I can find it without badness, because that was SO easy and it turned out incredibly delicious. I meant to add spinach but forgot, so the final product was hot sausage, mushrooms (which are not strictly approved on my diet, but I don’t think they cause me problems so I’m testing the waters a bit), mozzarella, and some parmesan. Behold:

I’d highly recommend this recipe. I’m definitely going to tinker with other combinations of veggies, too!



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