God Forbid I Should Get Fat!

I have a bone to pick.

I participate in a number of online communities about pregnancy which is greater than zero, but probably SHOULD be zero, if we’re being honest. I’m learning right quick that other pregnant women are the actual worst. Lately, because we’re all roughly at the same stage of our pregnancies, we’re all starting to notice baby bumps that are more baby and less “I’ve eaten all of the salt on Earth” bloat. Apparently this is cause for a whole lot of hand-wringing because oh no! What if I get too fat and then I can’t lose the weight and I’m just fat FOREVER?!?!?!111 Cue comparisons to celebrities who gained a lot of weight during their pregnancies and then lost all of it just like that because obviously we should all be aspiring to be just like celebrities, right?

I cannot begin to express how gross this is to me. Why the hell are women so obsessed with weight gain during pregnancy? I mean it’s really, actually baffling to me. YOU’RE GROWING A HUMAN. Of course you’re going to gain weight! And once the baby is here, you’re going to be super concerned with feeding it and, you know, not letting it die, and I’m guessing you’re not really going to have time to devote to working out constantly, and there are going to be a lot of times that you’ll grab whatever is handy and you actually have time to eat before you’re going to make sure all the macros are “correct” for your post-baby diet. Pregnancy is going to change your body, obviously, but it’s also going to change your priorities. At least, good sweet lord, I hope so.

This whole obsession just makes me so uncomfortable. I wish women could value themselves for more than the number on their clothing labels.

Also, I love this so hard:


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