Head Misfit

This picture is ancient, but whatever. I’m still 21 at heart, haters.

Hey, hi there. I’m Sarah. I’m in my 30s, living in Pittsburgh (though I’m originally from Northeast Ohio, which goes over like a fart in church here), and trying to make the best of every day. Here’s some things about me that probably tell you mostly everything you need to know:

* I have an awesome husband. We met on Tinder, sorta by accident because apparently Tinder thinks a 25 mile radius includes cities 95 miles away. Thanks for the fuck-up, Tinder people. We got married at the courthouse in New Orleans in May 2015 and it was the bomb dot com. We’re about to have a baby right before our 1st anniversary!

* I like to cook things, and also then eat things.

* I do crafts sometimes too; I’m an expert at starting knitting projects, getting bored halfway through, and then starting a new project.

* I love to travel! My grandma lived in Florida when I was a kid, and until she passed on when I was 13, we drove from Ohio to visit her every summer. Because my dad is a raving lunatic, we’d often take detours (like getting lunch in Delaware, because that’s totally on the way). I’ve kept up this random road trips thing as an adult, and as a result, I’m pretty well-traveled — I have 13 U.S. States left to go to! I’ve also been to Canada and Mexico (of course), Ireland, and Jamaica. Ireland and Jamaica weren’t road trips, though, because I can’t drive on water. YET.

* I also have two cats, Gretchen and Lucy, who are the best cats in the world, and I don’t care if you think your cats are the coolest. They’re not. Gretchen’s meow sounds like she smokes a pack a day and she runs diagonally because her legs are sorta crooked. Lucy is a new addition to the household, and she’s mean as sin but we’re sure there’s a nice cat under there somewhere… maybe.

Anyway, this is my blog. I hope you like it. Or don’t like it, if that’s your thing. You be you.

Cheers, Sarah


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